Friday, November 6, 2009

I just want to quickly appoligize to anyone who has been waiting for me to update our blog with useless information from our daily lives and with pictures of our big girl. Josh and I now have blackberrys which pretty much rids me of any of my excuses to not post.a quick catch up of what has been going on with our family. Josh is currently working out at the site doing something I really don't understand. He has been enjoying hunting and fishing this year but he hasn't been too lucky.I have been working part time at a womens weight loss center in Idaho Falls called Inches-A-Weigh. I really like the women I have met there and I get to workout for free! Addie is almost 14 months old! Wow it has beena quick year! She is running around everywhere and is just starting to talk. She has 9 teeth that are absolutely adorable! A little gappy but we hear that's best.Addie loves to dance and attemps to jump, it's the funniest thing! I will be trying to catch those adorable moments on camera so I can share them with you. This blogging attempt is especially dedicated to my brother Mark, I dont want him to continue feeling deprived as an uncle. I will try to post pictures soon.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

All by myself!!

Addie has recently started sitting up by herself and she is very excited about it! She is able to hold herself up for quite a while and she can keep her balance even when she gets wobbly. It has been fun to watch her grow and learn. Here is a video of her latest accomplishment, don't worry she didn't actually fall at the end. I guess I didn't have faith in her balance recovery skills.

Big Girl

Addison is now almost 6 MONTHS OLD!! We can hardly believe where the time has gone. The last time she was weighed she was sitting at about 13 lbs 11 ounces, which at 5 months rounds out to the 25 percentile. If you thought that was low she is actually up from 5- 10 percentile only one month before. She has grown so much just in the last month and a half and now she can roll over and sit up by herself! When we moved to Idaho the middle of January she could barely coordinate her limbs enough to grab her Binky out of her mouth and now she can throw it across the room and dump the sacrament tray as it goes by. Addison has been working diligently on cutting her first teeth and we expect her to start scooting in a particular direction rather than round and round in the next month or so. Since we have been crashing at grandpa and grandma Smiths house Addie has absolutely fallen in love with them and I think she has worked a special spot in papa's heart. Here are some more recent pictures of our sweetheart for you all to enjoy. Thank you all for loving her up and helping us in our latest struggle. Muah-Muah!!!


Oops! I'll get it!

OK, maybe I need some help.

Seriously put down the camera and help me!

MMM that's better!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Born in '08

This past week my mom and I decided to announce Addison's birth in the Post Registers annual "Born in '08" section due out this march. We immediately began setting up mini photo shoots so we would have lots of cute pictures to choose from. Here are a few my favorites!

Silly 'ol papa

This video was taken over the Christmas holiday and I thought I should post it even though none of the kids are mine. Dad is loving being a grandpa and I love watching him get to know and play with all of the little kids. This video reminds me of when I was little and dad would bench-press me and all of the family would count how many he could do.

-I love how Bryan wants to play but doesn't know where to jump into the craziness! It reminds me of double-dutch!

playing catch up (AGAIN)

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. We have us a crazy couple of months and i think i might be starting to catch my breath. We were able to make it to Idaho just in time to open Christmas presents on Christmas day. We left Wyoming on Christmas Eve about 6:00 pm and drove for about 3 hours before we stopped in a hotel for the night. I still am regretting the fact that Addies first Christmas Eve was spent in a La Quinta Inn in Belgrade, MT. After a continental breakfast we hit the rode on Chhristmas morning, the roads were TERRIBLE! My poor old car was baha-ing through like a foot of snow, the three hour drive took us about five hours. As soon as we arrived at my parents house we learned that the house was infested with the flu bug. I think the family knew that if they had bothered mentioning that all the kids were sick while we were travelling that I would have turned the car around and headed for home. Luckily Josh was the only one who caught it, Addie had the bug a week earlier:( I had forgotten how much I love Idaho and the snow had perfect timing this year and showed up BEFORE Christmas. We were blessed with lots of great Christmas presents from everybody and I think Addison is enjoying her fun toys.

I think Addie was a little tuckered out from playing with the new toys

This is her new favorite thing to chew on ( i guess the toys were a little over-rated)

This is the dress that I was blessed in over 20 years ago. We were hoping that Addison could wear it for her blessing but she might outgrow it before we have the chance to bless her. We thought we better take some pictures of her in it before she is too big.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

playing catch- up

Just hanging out under the Christmas Tree at Grandma Smith's
Grandma had stripped her down to do some naked pictures and forgot to put her diaper back on. This was probably taken right about the time Addie peed through the background.
Addie was a kitty for her first Halloween. I did her hair and put bows in it too but by the end of the night the bows fell out and she was wrapped in blankie. People kept asking is she was a devil because her hair was peaked up like little horns.
These were taken at the pumpkin patch. Addie was not very happy with being woken up from a nap by the 30 degree wather.

Here are a few pictures from Fall time, Halloween, and Christmas preparation. Its so funny to see how much Addie has changed. I promise to try and get some pictures of Josh and i up... even if they are just for my benefit to envy our old bodies. ummm... yeah. baby weight hasn't been very kind to either of us.